To us, innovation is a 12 year old girl with access to a sanitary pad.

Lilypads enactus, is a student led social enterprise providing accessible, affordable and sustainable sanitary pads  and an innovative menstrual health education to women and girls within Kenya. 

In rural Kenya today 65% of women are unable to afford sanitary products and are thus forced to dangerously engage in transactional sex with older men or are resorting to unhygienic alternatives. School girls with a lack of income and lack of awareness surrounding menstruation will often drop out of school as a result severely hampering their life prospects. 

We are dedicated to tackling the oppression, isolation and disadvantage of girls and women experienced in Kenya due to a lack of menstrual health education, a stigma surrounding menstruation and a lack of accessible and affordable products. 

Our connections with women’s self help groups allows us to reach those even in the most remote areas and through use of recycled fabric we are able to provide our pads at the lowest cost possible. This ensures that those most in need receive the support they need. 

By providing enterprise training to school pupils and our local sellers we provide a platform to women and girls within these communities to grasp the opportunities they deserve and empower them with a sense of confidence and self-worth to set up their own projects. 

Along with a solution, we aim to challenge the myths, stigmas and misconceptions surrounding menstruation in these communities. Lilypads offers a simple solution to a monumental issue and we hope no women or girl ever feels isolated or endangered as a result of their periods.